BlackberryNOVA intro video!

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Newsletter: summer sale, update 1.31 for BlueberryNOVA

BlueberryNOVA v1.31


  • Grammar in the Russian text were corrected
  • Some bugs in the script was fixed
  • Added option to change the language in the game
  • Some graphics have been changed

Save 40% on BlueberryNOVA

Steam Summer Sale 2020

News about BlackberryNOVA soon.

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BlackberryNOVA steam page is ready!

BlackberryNOVA is a sequel of BlueberryNOVA. 

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Genre: Visual novel.
BlackberryNOVA is a sequel of BlueberryNOVA. 
The game is in development, closer to the release content can be changed. 

BlackberryNOVA: A yuri visual novel about a girl whom graduated from high school and is now preparing herself as she enters college.

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Yukino sprite redesign


Yukino sprite redesign for a new game – BlackberryNOVA (sequel of BlueberryNOVA).
Planned release date: September-October 2018.

Development by NovaB12 and Endless Sky. Arts by Kees Nelis.

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BlueberryNOVA uncensor Patch

18+ patch for BlueberryNOVA.


How to install:
Unpack the archive in the game folder.

After installation, you will have an icon in the lower right corner:


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BlueberryNOVA released on Steam!

BlueberryNOVA will tell you story of a girl who moved to another city and entered a new college. Meet two charming girls: Yuki and Eva. Each of them is unique in its own way and reacts differently to your actions. Will you become the best friends, stay alone or get something more? It’s up to you to decide.

If you notice an error in the text / translation, please tell us [email protected]
For more news and announcements check my twiiter: @novab12official

Steam page link

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